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Posted on: March 23, 2009 4:06 pm

Rule changes to be considered at NFL meeting

 There are a few potential rule changes, mostly concerning player safety and tweaks to instant replay.

The most noteworthy is a change that would allow plays ruled as incomplete passes to be reviewed when they might actually be fumbles.

The rule has been dubbed the "Hochuli Rule" because of the time when referee Ed Hochuli incorrectly ruled that Jay Cutler's fumble late in a game against San Diego was an incomplete pass. The play was not reviewable, and Denver took advantage of its good fortune to win the game.

A safety rule proposal would protect defenseless receivers from contact to the head area, even if the player hitting him was using a shoulder.  This would make some of the more memorable hits by Hines Ward illegal.

There also seems to be great support for expanding the schedule to 17 or 18 regular-season games (while cutting the preseason down to two or three games).

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